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The latest flyer for letterbox distribution

 This flyer has been produced to help raise the awareness of the dangers of the Covid vaccine. We must stop this genocide.

To view the flyer in full please download the PDF’s below.

These can be printed out for distribution in your local area.

Your efforts are appreciated – remember every little bit helps. Save the children!


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View our events calendar for actions and activities, large and small, taking place around this great state

 Thank YOU!

South Australia

Our rally on March 19th. (election day!) turned out to be a great event with a range of passionate speakers and wonderful camaraderie. For those who couldn’t make it here are a couple of  videos for you to enjoy.

South Australians Unite For Freedom February 26th 2022

Truly shocking!!

First batch of FOIA documents released by FDA about Pfizer’s covid vaccines shows 1,223 DEATHS already reported in early February 2021

Tim’s Truth

Hundreds of known side effects in this document released by order of a US Court. The State and Federal Governments told every Australian the VAX / Shot Was Safe and Effective, WHAT A MASSIVE LIE
How can you trust anything that comes from the mouth of any government official? YOU CAN”T

View the Video For More Truth

The Freedom Game

Big Pharma, big media, big tech, big government all working together to strip away civil liberties and crush the spirits of freedom loving South Australians… seems like an unfair game, doesn’t it?

The dark forces have bribed, threatened and coerced you. Taken away your income, caused family divisions and mental trauma.

Fear not friends, no matter how dark it may appear we have a piece on the board that cannot be beaten and once played the nightmare ends.

That piece is called the TRUTH and as the saying goes “the truth shall set you free”. It’s only a matter of time.

Contact Adelaide Freedom Rally today if you are ready to take a stand for truth!


Worldwide Rally For Freedom

Saturday May 14th 2022

Rundle Park Adelaide at 12 noon

Adelaide Freedom Rally are excited to announce the date of our next Worldwide Freedom Rally.

Video from our latest event


A video from a true freedom loving party demonstrating the decline in Australian living standards post 1975.

Demand change this election put the so called majors last and support your favourite independent party. Just as importantly pay attention to your preferences.

Welcome ALL

Businesses that ‘Welcome ALL’ – we understand that not everyone and not every business will unite on their views about the pandemic, vaccinations, government or politics, but we can stand together and unite on FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

It is possible to run our businesses safely, looking after all our staff, visitors, customers, clients, patients, contractors and volunteers without mandating, segregating or discriminating.

The SAIF Business community is for businesses that know who they are and what they stand for.

This page gives you access to useful information to support your choices and also access to our WELCOME ALL! campaign.

Discover more here.

The SAIF Resources

Fellow South Australians we are living in challenging times. Here are the quick links to pages within our directory of information and services.






Community correspondance

Community Solutions

Freedom Advocates




Meet Up Groups


Workplace and Employment

World Freedom Directory

A growing directory of freedom focused organisations from around the world with many from Australia.The image below gives you an idea of the scope of topics covered. 

To view the site click the button below.

Judicial Review

Live Stream the SA Supreme Court Judicial Review of the Emergency Management Act

In March 2020, the SA Police Commissioner declared a state of emergency about COVID-19 in South Australia under the South Australia Emergency Management Act. This granted him very large and extensive powers to make orders relating to COVID-19. The state of emergency has been continued since that time.  These emergency powers are ordinarily only used when there is a natural disaster, like a flood or earthquake. They are meant to be temporary to restore the status quo. For this reason, these powers are not granted to the Premier, any Ministers, or even any member of Parliament. As a matter of law, they are granted solely to the Police Commissioner, who is not required to even consult with the Government of the day about them.

The case challenges the continuation of the state of emergency and the Commissioner’s power to continue to make these laws. The applicants ask the Supreme Court of South Australia, the highest Court in the State, to declare them unlawful.

Trial is set for four days. 17th & 18th March 2022 for evidence and perhaps further evidence and closing arguments on 24th & 25th-if required) of March 2022.  An application for the trial to be live streamed has been made by the legal team for the plaintiffs because the case has significant public interest and far reaching implications for the citizens of South Australia and arguably for the citizens or Australia. All citizens should have access to justice, and the courtroom can’t hold all of us.

You deserve access to cases like this. Senate Estimate hearings are live streamed, Federal Court hearings are live streamed, why not Supreme Court matters where the State is the respondent.

Sign our petition today and send a message to the Courts Administration Authority that live streaming is essential in this matter.


Children and the Vaccine


Parents with questions have put together an information fact sheet that all parents MUST be aware of regarding children and the Covid-19 vaccine.

If ever there was a time in history for society to rise up as one and say NO to an experimental procedure it is now.

Your childrens future and the future of humanity is at a crossroads. This is not the time for sitting on the fence it is the responsibility of ALL of us to take action.

Click the link below to read the information and then download the PDF print as many copies as you can and share the facts with everyone you meet.

At a glance – what are we about?

Understanding SAIF

Fellow South Australians we are living in challenging times.

SAIF (South Australian Information for Freedom) was born out of concerned freedom loving organisations coming together to offer the public a wide range of practical and informative resources to help them in this time of need.

You can discover more about who we are and what we offer by following the links to relevant pages.

View our core values.

The SAIF Vision

A Roadmap To A Brighter Future For All

Throughout history the rise of tyranny has been defeated by oppressed people coming together and forming their own communities.

SAIF is at the forefront in uniting all concerned members of South Australia into a caring, supportive community that will see us through this attack on our liberties.

We exist to provide information and support to all who feel in need and encourage you to join us and in doing so secure your place on the right side of history whilst honouring those who have gone before and given so much.

Remember if they didn’t fear you they would not be trying so hard to silence and destroy you.

Fear not, we have got this. Lead with love!



Making a difference could be so much FUN!

If you are wondering, are we your type of people? Or think standing up for freedom means you have to be some sort of radical activist …. Think again!

The SAIF community is home to all types and all ages united by one thing – the commitment to not only getting  our Australia back but making it a better society for all.

What you will find is that you are amongst some of the kindest, most compassionate and aware people that you will ever know.

Not only that, you will discover we have not forgotten how to have fun. It’s exciting and we are developing a huge network of like minded people spread all around our great state.

Our SAIF members often arrange themselves into small, local area focused, or special interest groups. Whilst these groups often discuss what you might call the ‘bigger picture’ the primary focus is social support, lively conversation and simply sharing great times in the company of positive, like minded individuals.

In other words getting back to the basics of how a healthy, caring society ought o be.

As we say “Who knew making a difference could be so much fun”

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Volunteer Roles

freedom lover
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What We Can Do For You

These amazing products are coming soon to SAIF

Our community here in South Australia numbers in the thousands. Our members have a vast range of skills and expertise and are happy to offer their advice and assistance to fellow members in their hour of need.

Here on this site you will find information on the resources we offer. Click the links to find out more about what we may be able to do for you.


Business tools

Products and information on SAIF business resources

Pro Choice Businesses

Support the people who do not discriminate

Community Solutions

Times like these can be stressful. You are not alone with SAIF

who you can trust

Information on suppliers and businesses you can trust

Our very own shop coming soon to SAIF


  • Tee Shirts
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  • And more

Proceeds of sales from the SAIF shop go towards supporting South Australian freedom movements and people who are struggling during these harsh times


Brave Men And Women This Is Your Time!

Whistleblowers – humanity needs you.

Winson Churchill once said “Never in human history have so many owed so much to so few”

If you know something now is the time to create your own place in history by speaking out. What you reveal may change the future of society. Yes, now is the time to speak out. It really is that important.


Be Brave – Do Something

South Australian Judicial Review

At this time, a potentially effective remedy to stop mandated medicine for all employees will be to challenge the legal standing of the Directions through a Judicial Review in the Supreme Court of South Australia.
Success is not guaranteed, but with so much at stake we are putting together a passionate team of experts to give us the best chance possible. You can help us by donating to the trust fund to assist in covering the costs.

legal challenge

“Taking advantage of any Judicial remedy is really important…this is a tool, it’s a mechanism we’ve got to make the best use of.”
Stuart Lindsay

Accepting Donations Now

We can accept donations into the trust fund via 3 avenues:

  • Secure online credit card payment
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or
  • cheque (posted)

All transactions have to be receipted so we would appreciate donations greater than $200 if you can, so as not to overwhelm our solicitor’s office with smaller donations, but don’t let that stop you from making smaller donations if that’s all you can spare. A potential way around smaller donations is to maybe get together with a bunch of friends, “pass the hat around” and make one larger pooled donation via EFT. Please be aware we are not a charity and donations are NOT tax deductible.
Visit the button below for all the terms, links and instructions for donating to the Judicial Review fundraising campaign.