Email sent to the company on 6 February:

Attn: Mr Alastair Symington, CEO and MD, Blackmores,

Cc: Ms Amanda Judge, Corporate Affairs Manager

Dear Sir,

It is difficult to understand your company’s decision to require compulsory Covid vaccination. (‘Get jab and go back to work’, ‘The Australian’, 4 February, p. 4).

Whole countries including UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden are rapidly removing all Covid mandates, including vaccination. It is clear that the current Covid vaccines do not reduce transmission of a disease that is now similar to the annual flu. It would make more sense for your company to return to the health practices that were in place in February 2019 when you did not require staff to accept an experimental medical procedure with unknown long-term adverse effects, and with a growing incidence of short-term adverse effects.

Your decision means I will stop buying your products, and I will ask my friends and contacts to do the same.

Yours faithfully,

Reply from Mr Alastair Symington, 11 February

As a loyal Blackmores customer, I want to thank you for taking the time to email me and let me know your thoughts.

Having a fully vaccinated workforce ensures we are doing everything we possibly can to keep our people and the wider community safe, aligned to Government guidance. It also allows our team to call on our retail customers, continue operations in our factories, warehousing and logistics and receive visitors to our worksites. At a time when the world is dealing with unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, it also allows us to continue supporting the health and wellbeing of people through our continued operations and distribution of our health products. Kind regards,

Response on 14 February

Dear Sir,

I thank you for your response. May I respectfully suggest that your comments, that reflect those in the press report, are simply not supported by the science.

Rather than provide you with a list of appropriate references (that I am sure you are familiar with), I would simply refer you to the Joe Rogan interview with Dr Peter McCullough that dismembers in a most credible manner many assertions regarding the effectiveness of Covid treatments and policies.

May I surmise that your position is rather driven by your company’s interests in the PRC market and your desire to maintain and build your position in that particular market. (In my view it makes more sense in the longer term to develop other markets.)

If so, I suggest that it is most unfortunate that your company is forcing employees (who wish to keep their job) to accept a novel treatment with an increasing and concerning number of short-term adverse effects, and with quite unknown long-term adverse effects, simply to maintain sales into a market from which this virus emerged.

Regardless of your motivations, I propose that this is an unconscionable position that risks doing real damage to the reputation of your health products business. Further, I suggest that to pursue this policy will be regarded by many as unethical and is one that abdicates your professional and personal responsibility for employees. I am sure that you would not wish to have unnecessary stress, suffering and possible death on your conscience when the management of this pandemic is reviewed and a final reckoning is made.  Yours faithfully,