Welcome ALL Businesses

This page is a dedicated space for all businesses who want to preserve their own choices and serve everyone in their community. No mandates, no segregation and no discrimination.

At SAIF we understand that not everyone and not every business will unite on their views about the pandemic, vaccinations, government or politics, but we can stand together and unite on FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

It is possible to run our businesses safely, looking after all our staff, visitors, customers, clients, patients, contractors and volunteers without mandating, segregating or discriminating.

The SAIF Business community is for businesses that know who they are and what they stand for.

This page gives you access to useful information to support your choices and also access to our WELCOME ALL! campaign.



If you would like to become part of our SAIF Business Community of like minded businesses, please register your details. If you choose to register we will stay in touch with you via email (not too often – no spam) and also give you the opportunity to join the Telegram group. This will ultimately enable us to keep in touch with you, support you, listen to what you need from us and show you that you are not alone by connecting you to other like minded businesses. We are stronger together.

Spread the word and share our page and resources with your like minded business friends, and if you have registered for the SAIF Business Community – we will be in touch soon.

Any enquiries can be emailed to

‘Freedom is realising you have choice’ TF Hodge


The WELCOME ALL! Campaign provides your business with a way to display to your community and business friends that you do not discriminate. Everyone is welcome!

There are two poster designs to choose from, please just download, print and display.

There is a FAQ available for you also, this gives you a bit more detail about the campaign and the meaning and purpose of the posters.

Please also feel free to register your business details to be part of our  SAIF Business Community of like minded businesses, please register your details.

We will email you updates (not too often) and also share our other communication platforms so you can choose whether you would like to be included. We are stronger together.

Below are the simple business poster options

Sample Poster 1

Download Poster 1

Sample Poster 2

Download Poster 2

Below are the full business poster options

Sample Poster 3

Download Poster 3

Sample Poster 4

Download Poster 4

Logo Download


Here is the Welcome All logo displayed in actual size. 

This is a transparent PNG image and can be resized to suit. Should you wish to use this on promotional material or as an email signature please download.

To download the image right click on the image then click save image as in order to save it to your computer. 





Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

What is the WELCOME  ALL! Campaign?

The Yeppoon community in Queensland were the hearts and minds behind this campaign and the team at South Australian Information for Freedom (SAIF) would like to acknowledge their hard work, courage and innovation. They were also able to engage their local Council in addition and were recognised as a community that did not discriminate.

In South Australia our friends in the Eyre Peninsula region have already proudly adopted this campaign with businesses, with many businesses displaying the posters and standing by their values. SAIF would like to acknowledge and thank our friends in the Eyre Peninsula for all their hard work and tenacity.

The team at SAIF decided that this campaign is perfect to roll out to the wider community of South Australian businesses, and are leading the coordination of this work.

The WELCOME ALL! campaign is a simple and effective way to publicly display the type of business that you are – one that stands for freedom of choice.

These posters are for businesses that understand it is possible to run a business safely, looking after all staff, visitors, customers, clients, patients, contractors and volunteers without the need to mandate, segregate or discriminate.

Here at SAIF, we have tweaked the poster wording ever so slightly, from the original posters, but the messaging and intention are the same as the originals.


Why are there four posters?

Simply for choice, whatever resonates with you. Take your pick.


I don’t have a business premises to display a poster, is there an option for me?
Yes, we have a logo you can download and use on your website and/or on your business email signature.


Why would I choose to display these posters/logo in my business?

Put simply, it is to signal to your community that everyone is welcome and that you don’t stand by the current actions and narrative that support mandating, segregating and discriminating.

Those people in your community that have made a personal choice to not be vaccinated will be re-assured they are welcome, as will those people that feel nervous about participating in the community if they have their own personal reasons to not wear a mask.

When people see the posters, they can relax and shop, use your services or consume with you in peace. They know they will not be asked for their vaccination status, their medical exemption or harassed in anyway regarding their personal choices.
There are also many people who have chosen to be vaccinated or have been vaccinated due to workplace mandates, that also stand by the values of not discriminating, and will come to you because they will recognise what you too stand for, irrespective of their own vaccination status.

If someone is looking for a job, they may choose to approach you because their own values align with your business values.

This campaign is to signal to all people irrespective of their views, opinions or status that your business welcomes everyone.

A more strategic reason for this campaign is to also signal to our Police, Governments, Councils and Politicians that we are not interested or willing to do business in any other way. As business owners and managers, we are capable of running our businesses safely and effectively whilst preserving our choice and respecting the choice of others.


Will I get into trouble with the Police if I display one of these posters?

In South Australia there are Emergency Directions that state that for some occupations, industries and settings, workers (including volunteers and contractors) must be vaccinated in order to attend work and earn a living.

However, in South Australia, with the exception of residential aged care, there are no Emergency Directions or requirements that direct a visitor, customer, client or patient to have received the Covid 19 vaccination in order to enter premises.

If you know any businesses that deny access to people due to their vaccination status, it will be a business policy that they have implemented themselves, voluntarily, not directed to do so by the Police Commissioner.

The poster does not signal that you do not or would not meet any Emergency Directions that apply to your business, but it does signal to everyone that you as a business choose not to mandate, segregate or discriminate.

You will not get into any trouble with the Police.


Will I be the only business displaying these posters/logo?

Absolutely not. You will find very quickly – that you are not alone.

If you choose to register for the SAIF Business Community, we will help connect you to like-minded businesses, this will be through regular email updates and also through a communication channel which you can choose to be a part of.


What if I change my mind and don’t want to display the posters/logo anymore?

That’s fine you have no obligation to display these posters should you not wish to.


I have a business in another state, not South Australia, can I still use these posters?

Yes, you can, although please be aware that if you are under specific Directions from the Government to only allow people who have had the Covid 19 vaccination onto your premises, you will need to assess your obligations carefully.

Displaying the poster will not negate any responsibilities you have in your state with regards to checking vaccination status.

However, you can still signal to your community that you do not agree with discrimination, you can still let them know what you stand for.


I see that I can register my details to be part of the SAIF Business Community, can you tell me more about this?

Of course! The SAIF Business Community is a simple idea. If you choose to register, we will stay in touch with you via email (not too often – no spam) and also give you the opportunity to join the Telegram group. This will ultimately enable us to keep in touch with you, support you, listen to what you need from us and show you that you are not alone by connecting you to other like-minded businesses.

Will SAIF publish my business details on line if I register with the SAIF Business Community?

No. SAIF do not have their own on-line Business Directory.

If you want to be included in an online directory you will need to register your business with an existing directory. There are a number of good options available, some of which are listed on our SAIF Business page.

‘Freedom is realising you have choice’ TF Hodge


Affected by Workplace Mandates (Government Directions)?

WA Conscious Businesses is focused on assisting and supporting business owners and employees on their obligations and rights under the current OHS/WHS Acts. Whilst they are based in WA, they have developed content specifically for SA. Their videos and webinars are very educational, helping businesses understand how to do a risk assessment and what they can do to defend themselves against mandates. Take the time to watch their material and look at the documents developed for South Australia.

Visit website

This is a guide for businesses to thrive and survive in uncertain times, and whilst it is written for a NSW audience, it is still accessible and has many useful sections of information within it for all businesses no matter where they are in the country.

Defend Local Business Consists of two independent candidates who are passionate about defending local businesses here in South Australia

The Australian Human Rights Commission answers some important questions relavent to discrimination and face masks

The Australian Human Rights Commission answers some important questions relavent to discrimination and vaccination requirements

Safe Work Australia state ‘ even if vaccination is available to all of your workers this does not necessarily mean it is reasonably practicable for you to require vaccinations in your workplace or to all of your workers’

Business Directories that you can register with

The Holistic Exchange

The Holistic Exchange was set up to give folks a place to market their gifts, wares and talents to other folk via an independent market.

This is a place to showcase what it is you love doing without the big advertising costs and control that other platforms demand.

The past couple of years have changed our Earth forever – we have been controlled, coerced, cornered and challenged.

Our freedoms have been restricted and taken, then dribbled back to us as though they are a gift for which we should be eternally grateful.

It’s time to stand up and move forward into a new space – renew, re-establish and reinvigorate our communities. Join together as the village once again.

View website

Fair Business Australia

Looking for businesses who respect medical privacy in your LOCAL AREA?
You’ll find them through the website!
Help us get more businesses on the platform!!

Reignite Democracy Australia

Find local, interstate and businesses Australia-wide that support our freedoms. A Directory of businesses who refuse to enforce unlawful directions from corrupt Governments. A place for us all to find businesses that we want to support.


Adelaide Businesses That Don’t Discriminate Against the Unvaccinated

Post your physical in person business only.

Because we all have access to online but we won’t all have access to physical businesses.

Post what your business is and the suburb you are located in.

Key words that people would search in the group and locations will help people find what their looking for.

If you have a job vacancy at your business that doesn’t require vaccination you can post about that.

If you can offer the public something by working at home you can post that too

If you grow fresh produce and would like to sell to the community you can post about that.

This Group is all about helping one another, supporting one another’s businesses and not discriminating people based on whether they are vaccinated or not!


Open for Everyone Australian Businesses – Free Choice

We encourage you to sign up to the Business Premises, & Events Charter Open 4 Everyone.

This means that we shall not be forcing our patrons to show us any documentation referring to health status in order to gain entry.

Our reasoning is stated within our charter:



We, the undersigned, are business premise owners and event promoters that have all struggled at this difficult time for everyone.

We have no axe to grind politically and many of us think the vaccine roll-out has been tremendous for those who wish to take it. We also know that for many reasons some will not have a vaccine. Furthermore, we do not believe it is right that we, as businesses and promoters, should demand to see proof of private medical records or health status.

The majority of people in the AU have chosen to be vaccinated. There are many practical and logistical issues for us alongside civil liberty and discrimination considerations more broadly for society if venues or events insist on seeing any kind of health-related documents. For that reason, we have signed up to the Business Premises & Events Charter OPEN 4 EVERYONE which means that we shall not be forcing our patrons to show us any documentation referring to health status in order to gain entry. We respect everybody’s personal choices and diversity is one of our pillars.

Thank you for joining the Open 4 Everyone charter.

Please note: This Charter is for Business Operators, Owners, Promoters, Licensees, Artists and Event Managers. This is not currently for Members of the Public, but we are grateful for your support so please share widely.


Businesses Unite Australia

Businesses Unite Australia. ❤️

This is a Facebook page where you can find businesses that do not discriminate, also the perfect place to share your own business with others who think alike! We are dedicated to unifying like-minded people and consumers by creating an understanding environment for all parties involved – from Businesses right down through customers themselves.

This is our leading Facebook group, and our backup page is called Australian Businesses United to discuss anything from marketing, sales or customer service. We also have a telegram channel for businesses- it’s called “Businesses Unite Australia”. The best place for non-business related discussions is the “Awaken And Unite!” group, with no C-V discussion restrictions.

Businesses Unite Australia is proud to announce the launch of our local business directory, where you can list your business for a low yearly fee. For just $14.95 per year, we provide an online space that connects people with like-minded customers!

Other useful and helpful websites with template and information available:

Advocate Me

Human Rights Advocates

Australians Against Mandatory Vaccinations

Reignite Democracy Australia