The children are the most important members of our comunity. After all they are the future.

Most of us (not all sadly) remember our chidhoods fondly. A time of family, friends and wonder. How different things are at the moment.

Here at SAIF we are dedicated to restoring the childhood of our youngsters back to way it ought to be. We will not stand back or turn a blind eye whilst they are being isolated and subjected to the tyrannical overreach of governments.

These are our children and we shall protect them. The links on this page lead to valuable informative resources that may be of value to the parents.

Free Our Faces

Essential viewing for parents. Two must watch videos from Adam Ooi bringing you views that the MSM choose not to touch.



A few examples of some issues parents and students have experienced in the 1st month of school for 2022:

  • A mother was physically assaulted by a teacher on school grounds.
  • A parent was denied access to a school meeting despite obtaining a medical exemption.
  • One school had police outside the gates stopping parents from entering the school, while instructing parents to wear masks outside.
  • Has your child/ren been asked by teaching staff to share their medical information in front of other students?
  • Has your child been engaged in discussion by teaching staff about the “benefits of EMP”, during lesson time?
  • Has your child(ren) felt bullied, been harassed, or segregated in their school environment due to holding a mask exemption?


We can “meow” or we can “ROAR”! Together we are stronger!

It’s up to YOU to ADVOCATE for YOUR CHILD!
 Flood every channel & let’s be heard!

Download the parents with questions notice of liability

and follow the instructions BELOW


1. Fill in the following parts on the first page:

a)[Address of Recipient] (2 lines)

b) [Date] (1 lines)

c) [Dear] Persons Real Name [School Principal, School Board, Organisation Head, Member of Organisation]

d) Then on the last page….
[Kind Regards] (2 lines) You may use your legal name or may send it
anonymously such as “Concerned Parents”, “Members of Your Community”

2. Must be sent by registered post.

Please go to your local post office for full information on how to use that service.

3. Record the registered post number, date sent and the name of the recipient and their address via this form here:

4. Pray for a miracle and send with love and good intent only.


Parents with Questions

Parents With Questions is a bunch of parents with curious minds who want to make sure we have all the information about COVID vaccinations for our kids. We want to encourage each other to do our own research. Trust our wisdom as parents. And say ‘no’ until we are 100% sure. Making this decision needs information from more than one side.


Write directly to the school Principal,

School Governing Council,

District Educational Director,

Ed Dept. CEO, Rick Persse,

Ed Minister John Gardner


Partnership area of state schools:

Local Partnerships – Schools and Preschools 2022 (

Educational director or your local partnership:

partnerships-schools-preschools-org-chart.pdf (

Example: Grant High School, Mount Gambier, (Blue Lake partnership), educational director for Mount Gambier, portfolio 1, is the contact person, Adam Box. (Ring Department for Education, Adelaide Office to get contact details for your partnership director, phone number listed below).


  • Department for Education, Adelaide Office – 08 8226 1000, free call 1800 088 158
  • Department for Education, Customer Feedback Unit – 1800 677 435
  • Teachers Registration Board of SA – 8253 9700
    Before making a complaint, search for the teacher’s registration number (link below). Teachers may have a different registration name to their classroom name. Please ensure you have the correct teacher registration details before making a complaint to ensure the right teacher is investigated.
  • Teachers Registration Board of SA Investigations Unit – 08 8226 5984

Email completed complaint form to:

Complaint form (

  • Contact Australian Education Union SA branch – 08 8172 6300


(Report unethical behaviour of members and this organisation that has occurred towards students).

  • Association of Independent Schools of SA – 08 8179 1400
  • SAPOL – 131 444





Parents with Questions is a great resource page for information and advice on protecting your children

As parents we all love our kids and want to protect them from harm.  That’s why we are asking questions.  Our children are our future.  The decisions we make today will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Are the Covid-19 Vaxxes Safe for Children?

The facts to help you decide by the Childrens Health Defense Australia Chapter


Risks for Children

Before you inject your little ones understand this: These shots DO NOT STOP transmission… but they can permanently damage your child’s heart, brain, reproductive system and their immune system.

Immune damage can lead to serious diseases, such as cancer.

Please watch these short videos.


National Education United


Childrens Health Defence Australia Chapter

Protecting the health and rights of our children


Childrens Health Defence 

Protecting the health and rights of our children

World Council for Children


Covid Kid Facts

Before you decide



Our Kids – Our Choice

We hope to provide information to parents that counters the continual newsfeed of doom and gloom articles. We will create our own bulletins that allow readers to act on their frustration by directly contacting politicians and institutions for the answers that we the public are entitled to.

We want SKIP Australia to grow, becoming a nationwide movement and for that we need other concerned parents and grandparents to STAND UP AND GET INVOLVED.

Visit the website


Home schooling

Freedom School

Freedomschool was established by experienced teachers and concerned parents to provide an inclusive alternative to the traditional mainstream school structure and mandated formats to students from Reception to Year 12.

FREEDOMschool is a homeschool with quality support.



At Euka, we exist to see students thrive, not held back by outdated and restrictive systems. Instead, being free to pursue their passions, marching to the beat of their own drum and, importantly, focused to fulfil their unique potential.


Grow Together School

Welcome to Grow Together School. We are a decentralised community network of teachers, parents and students. Driven by the need for change in the education system. We want a better future for our children, parents and teachers. Register to be connected to accredited teachers and to other parents who are seeking alternative education arrangements.


Wise Minds Australia

Connecting the wise minds of teachers and families.

Welcome to a very exciting change in education.

Hi my name is Sara and I am a mum to a wonderful home schooler. We do things different to others and we find that every home schooler, every student and in fact every person is unique in their way of learning.

Wise Minds Australia was created with this in mind. My desire was to create a directory and space for parents to find all the answers or at least most for their growing children’s educational needs.

The directory is very much still under development and growing. We envision this space to be ‘the place’ where parents who want to have a deeper understanding of alternative schooling can use Wise Minds Australia first,  as they start or continue their parenting journey.

The Wise Minds Australia team and myself are working very hard behind the scenes to support teachers, parents and educators to connect. We are also providing opportunities to connect you with content and resources to assist your learning journey.

Happy searching and reach out any time




STATE OF THE HEART VIRTUAL SCHOOLING – Is a homeschooling outsource for parents.
I have attached my flyer as well as the following rundown:
If you are not wanting to send your children to school anymore, this could be your answer:

  • Australian, passionate, experienced teachers stepping out of the system
    • offering programs from Year 1 to Year 10 Curriculum
    • online based, so this type of education can be done anywhere in the country
    • using the Seesaw platform which allows one on one interaction with our students and parents
    • willing to provide you with professional references (of all teachers) for your peace of mind
    • integrating all key learning areas including Math, English, Technology, Science, The Arts, HPE, HASS and Language (AUSLAN)
    • running 4 terms worth of work coinciding with state school terms
    • lessons are made by teachers (including myself) and involve my audio (instructions and explanations) along with screen recordings of instructions and examples of what’s expected
    • teachers will be online from 9am to 3pm to interact with students
    • maximum of 30ish students per class in order to maintain one on one communication
    • students will be required to complete online and pen to paper activities
    • asking you to make contact via the following email address as it’s easier to save all correspondence this way:


Asking $40 per week per student
NOTE* If you are wanting to homeschool, I can help you with the application and reporting process (required by the Department of Education)


HEN Home Education Network South Australia Group

Welcome to the HEN South Australian Group.

HEN has been supporting home educators for 40 years. This group is for SA home educators, and those considering home education. Its aim is to be a source of information, support and encouragement. You are free to post questions here and have general discussions about things related to home education.

Under the FAQ tag you will find answers to common questions. Click on the Guidelines tag to check our link and post guidelines.

For more detailed information about home education please look at the HEN website here:


Adelaide and SA Pre-Homeschoolers Connect

A group for those with children of all ages looking to homeschool in the near or distant future. From parents of babies to those with older children already homeschooling & everyone in between.

A group to ask questions or connect with others in South Australia.

Please be sure to answer all three questions when requesting to join – if you have any issues please message an admin & we will get back to you.

This is a business & advertising free zone. Members may add events or links they have personally found helpful or believe other members may find beneficial, but any links of personal gain will be immediately deleted.

THIS IS SAFE & RESPECTFUL SPACE – any online bullying, derogatory comments, rude or inflammatory comments will be deleted. Be nice & feel free to scroll on past if you can’t contribute in an open & respectful manner


Schooling from Home Australia: Curriculum Support/Parent Support/E-Learning

As we begin to face the possibility that schools may close and children will be required to participate in home learning/e-Learning for some time, as well as for families whose children are already self isolating due to health reasons, this is a forum to share ideas and support for our children and their growing minds.

It is a forum for sharing resources and learning tools not for promoting your business. It is a place to ask for advice on KLA’s or for direction with certain learning tasks/topic but not a place to pin point, put down or discuss specific schools, school closures or school protocol.


Home Education: Nurture and Grow

It is my hope that this space will be a safe place where people who are curious about home education can be nurtured, ask questions, seek support or resources and learn more about their capacity to grow and learn with their child