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The Prime Minister and the jab

(Material prepared by Elizabeth Hart 15 February) Scott Morrison, you've been described as "a hypocrite and a liar".[1]  This is an apt description, certainly in regards to your handling of the Covid-19 jab rollout, and your duplicity in promoting...

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Blackmores imposing jab on staff

Email sent to the company on 6 February: Attn: Mr Alastair Symington, CEO and MD, Blackmores, Cc: Ms Amanda Judge, Corporate Affairs Manager Dear Sir, It is difficult to understand your company’s decision to require compulsory...

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Helping indigenous communities

There are reports of Covid suffering and deaths in Indigenous communities. Perhaps community leaders should consider organising a campaign to treat community members for internal parasites (as well as Covid infection). This could be done by providing kits...

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Medical practice asking for Vax status

A medical practice sent the following information one week before an appointment: ENTRY REQUIREMENTS This section started with: "We encourage vaccination and request proof of vaccination upon entry" Listen to the way that this patient responded to the...

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Make South Australia the California of the South?

Florida has had almost no Covid restrictions and the state's economy has essentially been open for more than a year. There are many reports of Florida’s success in economic growth and reduced unemployment, as well as increased inward migration of people and businesses...

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Latest news on COVID jabs for children

The Sunday Mail (9 January) included a 12-page “Special Report in the partnership with the Federal Government” entitled “Doin’ it for the kids”. This presents wall-to-wall arguments supporting the need to jab your children with the Pfizer vaccine as well as the third...

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