Freedom Advocates

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Truth Speakers

Senator Alex Antic


Senator Gerard Rennick


George Christensen


Topher Field


Fanos the Voice


Nate Max


Dave Oneegs


Aussie Cossack


The Primod

The voice of reason


Zac Galloway

Running from Comfort is a show dedicated to getting outside of your comfort zone and breaking out of societal norms


Raphael Fernandez


Matt Lawson


Graham Hood

Restoring the Sprit of Australia in a world gone mad. “Know the truth and the truth will set you free!”

Graham Hood is a former Qantas pilot who was one the airlines longest serving workers.

For many years Graham has also offered people pastoral care & advice to help people with other challenges that life presents.

This is his page to stay up to date.


Candace Owens


Jemal Abazi


Harrison Mclean


Truth Communities

Australian Peacemakers

We are looking for people of strong character, who have a love for truth to join the Australian Peacemakers, as a unified community movement against world-wide government corruption.

We are witnessing the rise of tyrants and police units who frequently break laws at the state, federal and international levels.

Our movement aims to counterbalance these oppressive forces and to give back power to the people.

Members of this community are expected to diligently learn the basics of relevant law. Australian Peacemakers members are inspired to learn how to use the law and apply legal principles for the bettering of society.

If you hold the below values and have a desire to stand up for the truth; then we welcome you to join our movement.


The Peoples Revolution

In the year 2020, the people of the world have responded.  The mass awakening which has been slowly spreading around the world over the past few years has now resulted in the commencement of a full blown revolution.  We are currently experiencing world war III which will be known in the future as The War Against The People.


People for Safe Vaccines

We are a not-for-profit company with the following objectives:

  • To promote and encourage safe development, supply and use of human vaccines.
  • To inform, educate and raise public awareness in relation to vaccine safety and efficacy.
  • To take legal action to promote positive vaccine safety outcomes.
  • To do any other thing related to promoting vaccine safety, efficacy and quality.


The Australia Project

The Australia Project is a non-political national movement dedicated to achieving the following aims.

Organisational Aims

  • Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people about the current political and governmental climate existing in Australia.
  • Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people regarding their rights under commonwealth law rights and their resulting responsibility to take unified action to defend our constitution, our commonwealth and our people from servitude and
  • Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people about how to effectively bring sufficient pressure to bear upon our elected officials in order to legally and legitimately demand they comply with the law, fulfill their lawful duty to the Australian people and serve the will of the Australian Nation or step aside permanently.
  • Galvanise and unify the Australian people into action to counter the current political threat to our nation.


Reignite Democracy Australia

“A strong, free and independent Australia”
Empower people by giving them a voice and providing honest, timely, and truthful information.


Australians Against Mandatory Vaccinations

What is happening in Australia right now can only be described as a medical apartheid, where basic human rights are being removed on the basis of a person’s vaccination status. This discriminatory treatment is deeply divisive and traumatic for many, especially those who are being coerced or forced to be vaccinated, by threats of job loss. 

Forcing a medical intervention is unethical, immoral and we believe disproportionate to the threat. It is also seriously lacking in scientific merit, and has created a trail of disaster which has compromised our society, economy, public health, sovereignty and bodily autonomy.

There are many critical questions of law that need to be tested before the courts, but in the meantime; we find ourselves in a situation where we may lose our jobs and be denied many basic human rights, because employers and business owners are being made to believe they are required to be the enforcers of mandates.



Stand Up Now Australia

Never before, in Australia’s history, have personal freedoms, free choice and personal sovereignty been under so much attack.

Our way of life and our businesses will be destroyed forever unless we Stand-Up and act now.

The ‘Stand-Up Australia’ tour aims to gather like-minded people across our country and build a community of people that will Stand-Up together.

Our future, our children and our freedoms depend on it.


Change the System

Australia has gone through so much the last 2 years. More than any time in its history.

What has been uncovered whilst mind blowing has given us the opportunity to come together and make the changes that we need.

Everything from the medical system to education requires a complete overhaul.

This group is for people who wish to be part of the change. To be part of the future for our kids. To correct what is wrong in our society.


Australia Says No to Vaccination Status Discrimination


South Australian Groups

Adelaide Freedom Rally

Adelaide Freedom Rally is dedicated to the preservation of Freedom in South Australia. We stand for Individual Freedom, Economic Freedom, and Medical Freedom.


Guardians South Australia

Guardians SA is an action group that aims to protect and empower our sons, daughters and fellow Guardians with information and the formation of local community groups, to support one another during the current situation.

Our Core Group Values:

– Lead with Love

– Personal Freedom

– Inclusivity

– Call to Action

Guardians SA is for current residents of South Australia.


Freedom Keepers South Australia

Freedom Keepers United seeks to raise awareness by providing resources and information regarding the importance of patient rights, informed consent, and medical freedom.

We believe that human rights are sacred and should be protected; our mission is to unite humankind as we contribute to our communities and advocate for a free future.


Adelaide Rises

Hoodys Helpers – SA Official


Medical Freedom Warriors – SA

After discovering the enormity of this community of parents, family members and friends the world over who are being shamed and outcasted by the mainstream medical system and a trusting society who has bought the lies, I have found myself very frustrated and wishing there was more that could be done. I’ve decided to create a page for all of us warrior parents and loved ones who want to connect with each other and bring some attention to the issue of the loss of our medical freedoms. Whether it be a forced procedure, the absence of informed consent or the withholding of treatments or medicine, this simply cannot go on without a fight.

Hot topics for this page are:

Freedom of choice, Informed consent, vaccines, CBD, alternative cancer treatments, all alternative medicine and health options

I want to break down these taboo walls which makes us hesitant to speak up. Demand the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I want us to take back our rights and protect our children and generations to come.

I would like to organise events in the future to bring some attention to this issue. A Warrior March would be something I am very interested in organising. If we can all help to build this group and connect with as many passionate like minded warriors as we can – as quickly as we can, we can start to act.

Let’s do this.


South Australia Unites

So that everyone has a clear understanding of the direction I’d like these state groups to take, I thought I should take the time to spell it out so that there’s no confusion.

I want this to be a place where everyone feels safe to speak the truth, network, and discuss the really practical issues that we’re all going to be faced with over the coming years (home schooling, buying land, growing veggies, alternative currencies etc), and state specific news is fine too. I don’t want this to turn into a political shitstorm, there’s other groups out there for that.

Things are evolving at a rapid pace in this country and around the world, so people need to start thinking about putting a plan in place. This is the place to discuss those plans. Civil discourse is encouraged as always, but please be kind with one another