Nothing is more important than our health and the health of society as a whole. Yet during this pandemic can you ever recall our so called Chief Health Officer talking about the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

No mention of a good diet, exercise, ways to limit stress. or alternative long standing treatments.  Quite the opposite compound the fear, traumatise the people and demonise the advise of any true health advisor who dare suggest that cheap, effective treatments are readily available.

On this page you will find links to health advice and preventative protocols. However SAIF must point out that these 3rd party articles are offered as information resources only and do not constitute medical advice. Please do your own due diligence in regards to any articles that may appear here or elsewhere on this site.

Health Alliance Australia

Who are Health Alliance Australia?
We are a group of many health professionals, lawyers and volunteers whose vision is to create a global support network for ethical medical professionals to safely provide patient centric healthcare solutions. Our mission is to empower health care in communities through providing accurate information and educational content for individuals to make sound healthcare decisions with informed consent. We believe in the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath and are committed to restoring ethical conduct within healthcare to enable physicians to protect health.

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Adverse Events

Adverse Events Covid Dashboard

Review data from the TGA

Covid Medical Network – Adverse Reactions

TGA – Astrazeneca Adverse Reactions DAEN Report

Australian Vaccination Risks Network

The AVN was started in 1994 by a group of parents and health professionals who were concerned about the lack of scientifically-based information on the ‘other side’ of the vaccination issue.

Adelaide Freedom Rally – Adverse Events

Frontline Worker Reports on the Actual Event of Adverse Reactions to Covid-19 Vaccines

Australian V A X Reactions

Please share your experiences.

The content posted in this group is for informational or educational purposes only, and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals.



More than 150 comparative studies and articles on mask ineffectiveness and harms

It is not unreasonable to conclude that surgical and cloth masks, used as they currently are being used (without other forms of PPE protection), have no impact on controlling the transmission of Covid-19 virus. Current evidence implies that face masks can be actually harmful. The body of evidence indicates that face masks are largely ineffective.

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Health Information Links

SA Health Daily Dashboard

SA Health Daily Dashboard – Summary of Daily Dashboards – provided by Australian Government Department of Health and SA Health.
This is an excellent link where you can find statistics relating to Covid infections, hospitalisation per vaccination status, mortality rate and more.


Physicians for Informed Consent

Education: COVID-19 Vaccines
Compare the efficacy and risk of COVID-19 vaccines versus the risk of COVID-19.

Doctors for Covid Ethics

We are doctors and scientists from 30 countries, seeking to uphold medical ethics, patient safety and human rights in response to COVID-19.


Therapeutic Goods Administration


World Council for Health

The World Council for Health is a worldwide coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society groups that seek to broaden public health knowledge and sense-making through science and shared wisdom.

We are entirely publicly funded which enables us to continue to make the best health decisions for the people, free from conflicts of interest and pharmaceutical industry ties.

Pan Immunity

This site is dedicated to the great nature GOD PAN. The Covid 19 fraud in all its differing manifestations has been made possible only because our modern and now global civilization has become increasingly divorced from the processes of the natural world.

Videos, links to books and documents of a scientific, social and philosophical nature are included. They are for the purpose of awakening and understanding what is unfolding in our world at this time.

Covid Medical Network

We are a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned about the health impacts of the lockdowns used in response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks across Australia.

Vaccine Choice Australia

The highest vibrational solution to humanity’s health and wellbeing including medical freedom for all.

We exist to create an environment where vaccination choice is normal and coercive and divisive vaccination policy and legislation is seen as discriminatory.​

South Australian Vaccination Education (SAVE)

A place for South Australians to discuss current issues surrounding Vaccination as well as call to action & social functions!

We have a stringent membership approval system so please message an admin if you think your profile privacy might be prevent us from adding you!

Australians for Safe Technology

This group was created to support the growing number of Australians who are concerned about the exponential rise in wireless technologies and the resulting increased levels of RF radiation that ourselves and our loved ones are being exposed to 24 hours per day.

All around the world a growing number of people including Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Plumbers, Housewives and regular folk are becoming aware of the negative physiological effects of RF radiation from wireless technology.

These ill effects have been well documented and affect not just humans but all life including animals, insects, trees and plant life.

This group is dedicated to raising awareness of the harm from RF radiation and the pursuit of safe alternatives.

Alternate Health

America’s Frontline Doctor Reveals How To Detoxify From Graphene Oxide (Video)

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Covid Medical Network – Pandemic Freedom – Professor Ian Brighthope

Adelaide Freedom Rally – Covid Treatment

Early Covid Treatment

The Early Covid 19 Treatment Facebook group is a resource for sharing authentic published evidence-based research as well as effective medical treatment protocols currently being used to combat the spread of Covid-19 internationally.

Our group is designed so citizens and health professionals alike can access the most up to date research and medical information from around the world, in response to the rapid development of work in this area which could have life saving health consequences for many who have difficult accessing this critical research information.

We invite you to investigate the links and articles found here to further educate yourself about various treatments and studies demonstrating their efficacy.

Please contact the administrators directly if you wish to add any evidence based research data or protocols that are being used by medical hospitals or licensed medical practitioners