There are reports of Covid suffering and deaths in Indigenous communities. Perhaps community leaders should consider organising a campaign to treat community members for internal parasites (as well as Covid infection). This could be done by providing kits including rehydrating agents, vitamins and ivermectin, as has been done with great effectiveness (for Covid) in Uttar Pradesh state in India (1)

The reason for this suggestion is that the TGA recognises the use of ivermectin for treatment of internal parasites. In fact, the TGA restricted general use of this medication as it was concerned that a high demand for ivermectin might reduce availability for indigenous communities (2).

This might provide a practical and effective approach for dealing with the current health challenges that would pass muster with the health establishment.

I suggest that to not at least explore and test this approach would be quite unethical and would abdicate Indigenous leadership’s professional and personal responsibility for members of these communities. I am sure that leaders would not wish to have unnecessary stress, suffering and deaths on their conscience when the management of this pandemic is reviewed and a final reckoning is made. 

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