The Sunday Mail (9 January) included a 12-page “Special Report in the partnership with the Federal Government” entitled “Doin’ it for the kids”.

This presents wall-to-wall arguments supporting the need to jab your children with the Pfizer vaccine as well as the third booster “to increase protection, especially against the Omicron variant”. What is particularly interesting is that:

  • this document includes charts showing that the effectiveness of the vaccines decreases significantly with time, whereas up till now health experts have avoided discussing this phenomenon
  • it recognises that “the great majority of children will not get serious illness from Covid” and that “the risk of severe Covid rests with children with major problems, immunosuppression, or they have cancer, or have cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and chronic heart and lung disease”.
  • it argues that “looking at healthy kids, there is a rear risk of death”, although to date there appeared to be almost no deaths at all due directly to the omicron variant.

The experts quoted in this document state that “there are not increased reports of either myocarditis or pericarditis above what is expected in the background (unvaccinated) rate in the community from the viruses and causes”. This proposition is contested by other experts (see below).

Here is a selection of recent sources that you might like to check out.

Dr Paul Alexander was involved in US government decision-making regarding school closures. He has strong and clear views regarding this topic as well as jabs for young people. He provides useful, objective and insightful articles and presentations on his website.

Here he comment specifically on jabs for young people

In a fascinating interview, he gives an inside view on some of the workings of the US health system, as well as a good summary of his views regarding COVID and children.

Apple podcast (46 mins) or Backtracks (46 mins, 23 November 2021) , with comments on children and COVID jab: at 29 mins