Florida has had almost no Covid restrictions and the state’s economy has essentially been open for more than a year. There are many reports of Florida’s success in economic growth and reduced unemployment, as well as increased inward migration of people and businesses from other (more restrictive) states. 

It is worth noting that Florida Covid deaths of 15,024 from February 2020 (21 months) to November 2021 were significantly less than the 17,239 flu deaths in the 2017-2018 flu season (less than 12 months) in that state, and the current Covid death rate is less than 20 per day. In addition, 83% of Florida Covid deaths were people over 65, and the US experience is that the large majority of such deaths are of people with significant co-morbidities. In particular, about 78% of US Covid deaths were of people who were obese.

We need to put Covid into context. This is no worse than a “bad flu”. Life is inherently risky, protect the elderly and vulnerable, people who are already vaccinated should be happy, so just drop the restrictions and let us get on with our lives, as we did in past flu seasons.

This real-world evidence shows that Covid management is definitely political (to take into account economic and social factors), and should not be medical. The Florida example should be the basis for South Australia to right now take the lead in Australia to open up and “get going again”. This would attract enterprising people and growth businesses from other states.

This is the right thing to do for our state and our future!