The media – your best friend or your worst enemy. 

I think we all know by now that the vast majority of the main stream media is no longer fit for purpose in fact it is downright dangerous to the well being of our society.

However the rapid rise of alternative media has brought to the world a whole new perspective on the issues of today.

For your viewing pleasure we have assembled a collection of links that you may find interesting. 

We are not saying that we here at SAIF necessarily agree with all the views put forward but, as always you can make up your own mind.

SA Based Media

Adam Ooi

South Australia In Focus


Australian Based Media

Voices 4 Choices

We stand for freedom of choice, freedom of movement and freedom of communication.  We are a collective voice that supports and unifies people and networks around the world.


Australian Free Independent Press Network

AFIPN is a media organisation dedicated to bringing you real and often live reporting from events on the ground in Australia.

The difference between us and mainstream media is that we rely on a network of independent journalist free from corporate bias


Maria Zeee

† Proverbs 3:6 † | Founder of ZEEE MEDIA | Share the truth, at whatever cost.


Joel Jammal

Joel Jammal is a journalist & conservative commentator.

He’s a proud Christian Australian of Syrian/Lebanese origins seeking respectful dialogue and intellectual honesty


Turning Point Australia


The Real Rukshan


Romeo Georges


MCJ Report

We’re taking our country back. MCJ report seeks to serve as an important source of information and advocacy.


Aussie Cossack


Café Lockedout


Australian National Review

Jamie McIntyre


The Great Divide

We dedicate this Group to Australian News & Content. How does it affect us & what challenges do we face? Are we now divided as a Country, if so, what can we do to become united once again? Disguise all swearing. Do not invite friends from your lists please, they don’t see the questions this way. ANY Overseas items, as with other posts to be published, are at the discretion of Admin. Groups Rules are to be adhered to at all times. Converse, play nice and enjoy.


World Media

Rebel News


Dr Vernon Coleman


Stew Peters Show


The Highwire


Breaking News Daily


The Sons of Liberty Media


Tucker Carlson


Alex Jones – Infowars

Project Matilda

Welcome to Project Matilda! Proudly an online ‘Australian’ media sharing service. Focused at sharing and information that you would not normally see on main stream media.
We are asking our followers to help share our service to as many platforms as possible. We need to wake up as many people as we can, all in a huge ‘Team’ effort. Its not about likes, posts, comments, its about saving our country and our fellow Australians. That’s what we are here for!
There is a platform ‘Share’ button on the left hand side of the website with multiple platforms to share to. Please help get the word out there!

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