WELCOME ALL! Volunteer Resource Hub

WELCOME ALL! to the South Australian Information for Freedom (SAIF) volunteer resource hub for anyone wanting to support the WELCOME ALL! campaign.

Please find below lots of resources, support and training (if you fancy it) to support you to get out and talk to your local businesses.

The Role of the Volunteer

The ideal volunteer for this campaign is someone who is kind and compassionate, someone with passion and who can lead with love.

The role involves:

  1.  Understanding the WELCOME ALL! campaign
  2.  Taking the posters to your local business in your area: butchers, veg shop, hairdressers, restaurants, real estate etc (take tape and blue tak too)
  3.  Talking to the business owner/manager about the campaign and offering them the opportunity to display a poster
  4.  You can let them know about SAIF and they can log on at their leisure and register to join the SAIF Business Community if they wish
  5.  You can also offer to take a photo of their business with the green heart poster displayed and we will share it on social media #welcomeall please share these photos by up loading them onto this page – WELCOME ALL! Photo Upload Form see below
  6.  If it’s a local business, you may want to stay in touch, pop your head in every now and then and see how the green heart poster is going

WELCOME ALL! Volunteer Description

Information regarding the volunteer role with advice on how to approach a business and the focus of the WELCOME ALL! initiative

WELCOME ALL! Volunteer Description

Volunteer Communications

SAIF Contact Email: business@saif.cloud

SAIF Business Community Telegram Group: https://t.me/SAIFBusinessCommunity

SAIF Community Telegram: https://t.me/SAIFCommunity

SAIF Community Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saifcommunity


Training and Support Files

The WELCOME ALL! Campaign for Businesses

Specific details of the campaign can be found here: https://saif.cloud/business/

Details of South Australia Information for Freedom (SAIF) can be found here: https://saif.cloud/about-saif/


FAQ’s for Businesses


WELCOME ALL! leaflet to take with you on your visits:


WELCOME ALL! Posters and Image

Below are the simple business poster options

Sample Poster 1

Download Poster 1

Sample Poster 2

Download Poster 2

Below are the full business poster options

Sample Poster 3

Download Poster 3

Sample Poster 4

Download Poster 4

Logo Download


Here is the Welcome All! logo displayed in actual size.

This is a transparent PNG image and can be resized to suit. Should you wish to use this on promotional material or as an email signature please download.

To download the image right click on the image then click save image as in order to save it to your computer.




WELCOME ALL! Photo Upload Form

Name of Business displaying the green heart poster
Suburb of business location
Business website link
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.
Upload photos or files