SANFL  Action Needed

Double Jab or Don’t Play Football for the SANFL – You have until the 28 January to stop the SANFL enforcing a double COVID-19 vaccination for all players if they want to play football!

Does this effect you or someone you know?

Do you want it to change, then have your voices heard now.

SAIF are going to collect all your emailed concerns and present them all to SANFL. This is so SANFL can never say only a few people had any concerns, we will have the real numbers to prove it should never happen.

Another reason is we can keep you updated on what is happening.

Please click on the email button below and include your name, phone number and associated club and SAIF will get to work having your voice heard.

As a collective we can make a difference. We are stronger united!

Represent yourself and stand for our SANFL players.

Stay strong – email today.

Dr Nick Takos

Deni Varnhagen

Australian Rules Footballer

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