The omicron variant was identified in South Africa by testing people who were submitted to hospital for other reasons. It was found to be so infectious that it spread around the world by air travellers who were at least double-vaccinated and who probably wore masks for their whole journey. Fortunately, it was found to be about as mild as a noticeable cold and there are hardly any reported deaths “with omicron” although it has spread to infect millions of people in many countries.
A number of commentators describe the advent of omicron as a possible “endgame” for this “Covid pandemic”, as it is likely to infect almost everyone regardless of their vaccination status, and this will give people natural immunity against further infection with omicron or with the delta version, and very likely other emerging variants.
This means that people are already devising innovative ways to deal with life today. Here is a letter to the Editor of The Australian, published in “Last Post”, p. 24, 1 January 2022.

The Australian letter to the Editor