We are many volunteers uniting to be of service to others.

1 person equals 1 hour.  1000 people equals 1000 hours.  Together we can achieve great things.

You can be a part of our wonderful community via the following options.

If you would like to offer your time, click here to register www.saif.cloud/register and tick the box you would like to help.

If you have already registered, contact our Volunteer Manager here, volunteers@saif.cloud

Volunteer Roles



Signs Down the Street

An initiative to peacefully have our voices heard.  Highly visible information shared by volunteers.  Your role is to hold a sign that is linked in with other volunteers to create an informative message as cars drive past.


Letter Box Drops

If you like walking and spreading information then this is the role for you.  Flyer distribution is a great way to raise awareness.  If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, please register.


Food Collection

As you are aware many community members are now unemployed as they have chosen to not partake in an experimental medical procedure. We are connecting with already established services by directing donations to their locations and assisting in distributing the donations to those in need.

Food is important, and so are hygiene products, pet necessities, vouchers to accessible services, clothes and more.


Occupational Services

Everyone has a skill they can share. If you would like to pay it forward this is the place for you.  Whether you are a teacher, counsellor, plumber, electrician, homeopath or tiler, your skills are valuable. You can assist in coordinating groups in your profession or offer to donate a free once off service once a week or fortnight or month.  Its all up to you as to how you would like to assist.



Financial issues are the most concerning for people who are unemployed. We would like to assist by contributing towards bills. Are you an accountant or business manager? Are you a sponsorship guru? Do you want to coordinate fundraising events?  The options are plentiful.


Letter Writing

So many people in positions of power, from the media to schools to politicians and everyone in between.  If writing is your skill, please join this volunteer group to coordinate proactive and responsive communication with a variety of stakeholders.



Peak mental, physical and emotional health to best support us through these challenging times is of upmost importance. If you feel you can contribute to the upliftment of our community members, please join us.



Do you have experience in an array of areas such as homeschooling, community development, governing councils or a genuine calling to advocate for our children, please join this team.



Something we haven’t considered yet?  Let us know