Here are some words from Alfred de Zayas: “The Australian government is complicit in the massive violation of the human rights of Australian citizens.  The Latin phrase “qui tacet consentire videtur” – he who remains silent is deemed to consent”.

Throughout history men and women brave enough to step forward and reveal the truth have changed the course of history. The people of the world are being terrorised by tyrannical governments and corruption throughout society and yes media I am looking at you.

The only way this can be brought to an end is by US saying NO I will not comply. You can coerce me, you can threaten me, you can fine me but I will not give in to tyranny.

Please if you do know something that is going on that is being suppressed speak out. The world needs you. Let this be remembered as your finest hour.

This is an example of  what we are talking about. Someone brave enough to come forward and speak out. People like this change the course of history. If you, or anyone you know, is sitting on potential evidence that will explode this corrupt narrative being pushed on all sides by enemies of humanity then NOW is the time to stand up and speak out. Not only South Australia, but the world, needs you.

Every moment you delay could be the moment another life is lost. As they say at Project Veritas….”Be Brave – Do Something”

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If you have information that you want the world to know. Please contact us. Confidentiality assured.

Alfred de Zayas: Big Brother seems to be winning, and we poor citizens of Oceania must endure continuing manipulation by Big Media and Big Tech. It is not just “fake news”, but the suppression of crucial information that we are observing. When we only get partial news and essential facts are taken out of the narrative, we are being lied to. Censorship is bad when it is conducted by the government. It is actually worse when it is done by the private sector that has no democratic legitimacy whatsoever.